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Travelling The Varicose Ribbons                   

In “Varicose Ribbons” we set out for the adventure of the journey, to go as whim dictates – to let the adventure present itself – and in the process discover what once was, of what is, and perhaps, of what could be.

I am drawn to the varicose ribbons of concrete and asphalt, those meandering old byways that criss-cross our countryside. Once, main thoroughfares of travel before the days of the Interstate. Then, motorists took the time to enjoy the adventure of travelling.

Travellers see what is to be seen. Tourists who go where TripTiks take them, stay at chain motels, eat at chain restaurants, and visit three-star attraction destinations miss the real adventure of travel, the adventure of seeing what is not on the tourist map, of seeing what there is to see— much of it slowly vanishing from the scene.

“Varicose Ribbons” takes us through a rapidly vanishing America, through nearly vanished hamlets and once grand main streets, by roadside attractions and tourist traps fallen on hard times, gasping eateries and filling stations, fallen barns; all of it, a vanishing America.

Navigating The Website                   

This website is a journey along varicose ribbons of “Iconic Americana.” The road will twist and turn as we wander, side roads will beckon. As we navigate through the website our maps are the sidebars. Think of the main sidebar (where you found this piece) as your preparation for the journey.

Here you will find the essentials. Not only how to get around, but a brief word about me, how to purchase a print or commission a photograph (if you would care to do so), or contact me. Here also are a few detours: My thoughts on such subjects as photography or urban life (Coup d’Oeil, Flâneur). Consider them as background material for the journey.

The “Iconic Americana” (sidebar menu item) starts you along your way. When you click, your journey begins with a map (new sidebar). A map that provides directions to a number of stops along the road. “Iconic Americana” is full of those quintessential American icons (arranged thematically).

Clicking on the title any “icon” will take you to that thematic gallery. Don’t worry, you will always be able to return. Sometimes the theme is further divided with interesting side roads beckoning you to explore. The wonderful thing about a map, is if you follow it, you can always get back home. [Just follow the icon.]

“Urban Iconic Americana,” is just that, iconic urban America. The journey unfolds just as easily as it does for “Iconic Americana.”

“Deviant Art,” “Flora,” and “Photo-Documentary” are detours, but no less delightful to travel.

The nice thing about this journey is that where you might find yourself along it, you can always discover another road to travel, or if need be, get back home.

Clicking on little lines to the left will take you back to the "essentials." Clicking on the word "back" (top & bottom of thematic pages) will take you back to the main galleries,

Oh yes, two last things: (1) In the galleries, "blue" generally signifies a link. (2) In the thematic galleries you can view a larger version of the image or see a slideshow, simply by clicking on the image.

Travel deeply and enjoy. I would love to hear your comments.

Round rock, TX