Madison Ave., Lakewood, OH

Madison Ave. | Lakewood, Ohio

(Verse inspired by decaying neighborhoods)

old, sad blues notes swirl about;
the band plays on—
engulfing all in her melancholic strains.
a bright note sounds out
here and there,
unable to break free of the drone.

the band all spiffed in their 60’s best,
suit button and eye straining
while the band plays on and on,
never going anywhere.

a smack of paint here and there
a new façade
at best,
only hiding the ever-creeping decay.

sad, dreary buildings
clad in the 60’s finery,
watching time march by.
reaching out,
never quite able
to join the parade.

“Streets” ©2007
– Frank A. Mills


The transformation of space is always on my mind as I wander about urban neighborhoods. As I wander I try to be cognoscente of the inherent art and narrative of the space through which I move. The assumption that space = art + narrative raises all sorts of questions ,... Read more

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