The City is a dynamic, living narrative,                      
an unfolding autobiography,                    
a melding of countless invisible stories.

Second & Main

Second & Main


The street calls to us to wander, to explore, to discover

Town Lake Austin



Looking Down | Looking Up

Diner Shaker Heights, OH

Shaker Heights Diner

City Life

City life going about their business – working, playing, resting – enjoying life.

Window Reflections

"Drive In"

Urban Reflections

Images created by manipulating reflections in windows



Urban Noir

Dark | Foreboding

Owl Cafe

The Owl Cafe

Urban Decay

The city lives and dies. Even decay is a form of life. New replaces the old, the old often lives on, decaying.



Grafitti | Posters | Murals

Juvenile Shoe Store Sign

Juvenile Shoe Store

Urban Signs

graffitied squat

A Squat

An Unsettled Urban Core

A continuing photo-documentary.html of an unsettled urban core in the midst of apparent vibrancy.