Would you buy a crumbling school building sans roof with the idea of living in it? Or how about opening a store or a BBQ joint in a mostly defunct town on the way to nowhere? J.C. did all three!

Nelson Nixon


Mr. Nixon's Barber Shop

Mr. Nelson Nixon has been cutting hair behind that barber chair in Barlett for 47 years. The barbershop itself dates back to 1897.

Pipe Creek, TX

Along The Road

Pipe Creek, Texas

Sometimes a settlement is named after a founder, other times from an odd occurrence. Pipe Creek comes from the latter, at least according to local lore.

fading memories


Ineffable Texas

I’ve been asked, “Why focus your photography on Texas?” Texas is only focus of my photography, but it undoubtedly an important focus.

West St. Bertram


Fading Towns

It saddens me to see once vibrant towns in decline. I wonder what can be done for them. Is preservation enough?