For a Secular Age


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ReImagining Christianity

For A

A Secular, Post-Christian Age

God = Love
"God = Love"
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ReImagining Christianity flows from several streams

1. The belief that the Incarnational Face of God can be seen in the entirety of the universe, not only humanity. To see the Face of God in the universe we need to reimagine the Incarnation of the Logos to be more than the Advent and life of Jesus.
2. The belief (in the Celtic Christian idea) that all of nature is charged with a spark of the divine. And that nature is the “Second Testament” to the nature of God.
3. The belief that for the future of community – and life – we must see the Face of God in all things, animate and inanimate and then build a table large enough to authentically accommodate without exception.
4. The belief that God = Pure Love, and that Pure Love embraces us whether or not we believe in a God, no matter our gender identity, race or religious and political perspectives (Universalism). 5. The belief that I am called as a "Follower of the Jesus Way" to live justly, show mercy, and to walk humbly in love. ReImagining Christianity for a secular, post-Christian age will be a messy endeavor. It won't be easy. It will face resistance from both Church and Culture. There is no way to get around that fact. Nevertheless, our very survival depends upon it.

My prayer is that we can come together, together learn to see the Face of God in the ordinary, and in so doing, together reImagine Christianity for our secular, post-Christian age.