Wisdom Cries Loud on the Streets }

Wisdom Cries Loud on the Streets

Wisdom on the Side Streets
[Credit: AI Generated]


Wisdom calls loud on the streets.
She shouts in the public square,
at the intersections of noisy streets.
To the leaders she makes her speech.

- Proverbs 1: 20,21

Wisdom has taken to the streets.
She calls us on us to hear and understand.
She cries with the hurting and celebrates with us in our joys.
She is everywhere.
And yet,
Too often we fail to hear her,
To heed what she is saying.

We rush along the streets of life to and froe,
Seldom stopping to be aware of Wisdom walking the streets.
We are too busy playing church to hear Wisdom.
We are too busy to listen,
Yet Wisdom is there along the streets and in the public squares
Waiting to be heard,
If we would only listen.

She is there along the streets and in the public squares
waiting to be seen
If we would only look.

“But who is Wisdom?” we ask.
“Who is it that desires to be heard?
She is The Side Street God.

                    - Frank A. Mills

[Wisdom is the feminine divine personification of the nurturing, all-encompassing love of God. While other faiths have different ways of understanding Divine Wisdom, from the earliest days of Christianity, Wisdom has been equated with the LOGOS, the Divine WORD. I wonder if we actually thought about this, how it would change our thinking about Jesus the Christ or the nature of God? After all, both the Hebrew and Greek words are feminine.

If Wisdom is the LOGOS, then it is God walks the side streets with us, who speaks of an all-encompassing, non-exclusive love. It is God who cries and rejoices with us.]

- Frank A. Mills