"The Lord's Prayer"

Frank A. Mills

Study of the Hands of an Apostle, Albrecht Dürer
Study of the Hands of an Apostle
Albrecht Dürer

A restating of the LORD'S PRAYER,
as it speaks to me . . .

Our progenitor who is everywhere
      Pure Love is your name.

Your (w)holiness be present
      On earth,
      As it is in the heavens.

May we daily be mindful
      Of your gift of creation.

May we fully forgive others
      As you fully forgive us.

May we give mercy to all
      As your Grace gives us.

Give us the strength
      Not to yield to temptation.

Deliver us
      From the evils of our own making.

We pray.

© Frank A. Mills
March 8, 2024
Sheffield Lake, OH