U.S. 290

An east–west U.S. Highway, 261 miles, located entirely within the State of Texas. Its current western terminus is at Interstate 10 north of Sheffield, and its eastern terminus is at Interstate 610 on the northwest side of Houston. From Austin west the route passes through Texas Hill Country. U.S. 290 originally had an eastern terminus in San Antonio before 1935 when it was re-routed further north and extended eastward. The old highway into San Antonio was re-designated as US 87. Before the Interstate era, it extended nearly 300 miles farther west to an intersection with US 80. Due to its truncation it no longer intersects with its parent route, US 90. A good portion of U.S. 290 parallels old Texas Highway 20 (1925), which was the forerunner of U.S. 290, established before the U.S. Highway System.