Mount Airy, Maryland | Old Frederick Road

Last updated on October 29th, 2014

Mount Airy, Maryland
Main Street | Mount Airy, Maryland | Photo 2009

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MOUNT AIRY, MARYLAND (Carol & Frederick Counties) — Established: 1830 as a settlement along Parr’s Ridge by Henry Bussard (built the first houses). It was the Baltimore & Ohio depot at the ridge that gave the town its purpose. The railroad ran uphill from Baltimore until reaching the ridge. (The nearby “Twin Arch” bridge still stands along with a tunnel on Old Frederick Road near the McDonalds, although the railroad no longer reach the depot.) Here the engines were quickly serviced for the remainder of the trip into Frederick. Over the years the towns proximity to the National Pike, easy shipping by road and rail, and as a center for nearby farms, Mount Airy developed thriving canning, milling and sewing industries. Mount Airy suffered three fires (1903, 14, 25), yet the town was able to recover. Today residents mostly commute to Baltimore, Washington, D.C., or Frederick for work

The town received its official name after the suggestion of “Mount Airy” from an Irish B&O worker who complained about his freezing ears. The Mount Airy Historic District was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1984.

Personal Note: When I was a teen my family would travel from Randallstown to Mount Airy every year to buy a half a cow from a local butcher.