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Each class: $25

September 20, 2023
Zoom Seminar 1.5 hr.
Instructor: Frank A. Mills

Praying the Ciam

Coligny Calendar Close-up

Most of us know about the encircling prayer, but have we explored how one might pray the ciam? Are we aware of the spatial relationship of praying the ciam, walking the labyrinth, and the peregrinatio? This one and a half-hour class explores what it means, and ways, to pray the ciam.

October 18, 2023
Zoom Seminar 1.5 hr.
Instructor: Frank A. Mills

The Fluidity of Time

The Celtic concept of time is both fixed and fluid. For the ancient Celts there was the apparent cycle seasonal time. Seasonal time however, was nothing more than a construct. Beyond the construct was the sense that time was fluid, that the past and future were active in the present. While not recognizing it, the early Celts has a sense of quantum physics before quantum physics was a thing.

November 15, 2023
Zoom Seminar 1.5 hr.
Instructor: Frank A. Mills

Welsh Celtic Spirituality:
Hiraeth – Taithchwant – Gorfoleddu

Discontent, homesickness, ecstatic mysticism drives Welsh spirituality. It is about wilderness pilgrimage, death and resurrection, again and again. It is about finding our places of resurrection—as much spiritual as physical. Hiraeth, taithchwant, gorfoleddu influenced Welsh Methodism. Gorfoleddu, the sign of true revival for Welsh Methodist, is more than mere ecstatic mysticism, it is mysticism that produces the physical healing of creation.

December, 2023 Date: TBA
A Zoom Conversation 1.5 hr.
Scott Jenkins & Frank A. Mills

A Celtic Christmas

The Early Celtic Christians had a very high regard for Christmas, even though the Latin Church didn’t. How we might bring a “Celtic Christmas” into our homes. Who knows we might even sing some Celtic Christmas carols. Although FREE, registration is required.

January 17, 2024
Zoom Seminar 1.5 hr.
Instructor: Frank A. Mills

The Celtic Web of Life

The Celtic web of life is woven together in a holly, wholistic way. The Celtic Web of Life gifts us with a holy, wholistic and sacramental Christianity. A Christianity that has roots in the Eastern Church and is much different than Western Christianity. And lastly, a Christianity that, while finding synergy with that which came before, is not a melding of pagan and Christian idea.

In this one and a half-hour class we will come to see how the ancient Celts wove together what us enlightened folk call psychology, ecology, anthropology and theology into one tightly woven whole.

Four Week Course

OCTOBER 23, 30 – NOVEMBER 2, 9
Zoom Seminar 1.5 hr./class
Instructor: Frank A. Mills

The Voice of the Eagle

This course, which takes its name, from the beginning words of John Scotus Eriugena’s Prologue to the Gospel of John, “The voice of the spiritual eagle strikes in the hearing of the church,” is an introductory work that explores the man, his works, his Christology, and most importantly, is Celtic-influenced world view. Eriugena was a visionary Irish mystic, philosopher, theologian (although not trained as a theologian), writer, and poet. Over the years he has had his distractors who claimed that he downgraded the importance of the cross and the resurrection, or worse yet, that he was a pantheist. Lately, added to the charges, is his Christian Universalist viewpoint.

The problem, as we will come to understand during course is that our Western mindset has trouble grasping Eriugena’s Celtic-influenced mysticism and how that colored his work. We will see that Eriugena was a solidly orthodox Christian whose philosophy and theology began with the Incarnation with an emphasis on nature, not the cross and the resurrection. For Eriugena, Christianity is rooted in God’s philanthrophia in creating, sustaining, and restoring the cosmos.

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