The Village Trolley Line has a long history of serving the Village of Make Believe. The line originally used a mule drawn trolley to connect downtown Make Believe with The Whimsicle & Northern R.R. Being an innovator, the then village franchised owner of the trolley line,S.C. Claus, turned to electricity to power the trolleys as soon as electricity became available. In the late 1940s, thinking that buses were the way to go, S. C. turned over the franchise to the Village. The Village, not wanted to lose the charm of the trolleys, opted to keep the trolleys running.

Not long after, the residents of Nob Hill feeling that they needed public transit (far too many steps to climb to get up or down the hill) they petitioned the Village Council to bring the "trolley" to them. But being Nobbers, they felt that nothing less than a refurbished Powell & Market Street cable car would do. "After all," they wrote in their petition, "We were Nob Hill before they [referring to San Francisco's] were Nob Hill." Being the City Council was in the Christmas spirit, the residents got what they wanted. The cable car was able to be picked up at flea market prices. Unfortunately for the Nobbers, their was no cable in the street, which meant that their cherished cable car had to be pulled by a donkey until the Village got around to installing the cable. The Nobbers being Nobbers complained constantly about their street was a mess up until the cable was completely installed. While this was going on the residents of the Englishtown neighborhood secured their own trolley (with track). The Englishtown Merchants Association paid for the installation of the track, and then donated it all to the city. Smarting from one-up-man-ship, it was years before Nob Hill residents would shop in Englishtown.

Last Trolley of The Evening (2010)

Approaching the ice skating pond (2005)

Returning from North Pole Village (2016)

Experimenting with PCC (2010)
Radius was too short to work

City Park Line (2012)
Approaching Downtown

The bus has replaced the Santa Village Line (2011)

Heading toward Snow Village (2011)

Nob Hill Cable Car (2019)

English Village Trolley (2019)