The Village Gazette has been serving the Village of Make Believe for so long that no one can remember when the first newspaper rolled off the presses. All anyone can say for certain is that Mr. S.C. Nickolas has owned The Gazette since the beginning. Some would say, "Since the very beginning of time," although that idea might be suspect to some without an expansive imagination.

What we can say for sure, The Gazette has served the people of the Village of Make Believe admirably all those years, however many. The paper has two daily editions, a morning and late afternoon paper. The morning paper is the larger, although most Villagers get both delivered to their homes, not only for the news, but also for the comic page (the late edition has the most comics) and the ads. There's not a business in town that does not advertise. As Mr. Nickolas is also president of the Whimsicle & Northern Railroad, The Gazette also keeps the town apprised of W&N news. True to his railroad, "S.C," as the town folks call him, makes sure that paper includes the latest edition of Carl Fallberg's "Fiddletown & Copperopolis" comic strip.

The helpful editors at The Gazette have culled out some of the news that they think visitors to the Village of Make Believe will find interesting and perhaps useful: