What Others Are Saying

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Nostalgia is a strong emotion. Your images are evocative, stirring memories that lay somewhere in the recesses of my mind. Thanks for the journey. — Charles L.

Your Photos are Reality, I enjoy sharing the World As You See It. Your travels produce Natural Reality In Photos. Your photos are about Natural Life, and Reflect A Story. — Joe S.

There is something really special about how you capture your subjects, allowing us to feel a connection to them. I find that your photos have a way of stirring up my emotions and I love that. I think it is the sign of incredible talent and mean that sincerely. —Linda R.

(On images of people) It makes it feel as if he’s someone I know. —Charlotte N.

Reminiscent of a quieter time, a time of peaceful respite, in the midst of hustle and bustle, even war. (Y)ou seem to paint with your photos. —Judy C.

Your photos always make me feel like I’m right there, in the moment. —Faith K.