About Me

My Goal as a Photographer


I tell stories. I chase ideas. I color outside the lines. I make my own rules.
I want my photos to say, “Enter.”

I once read that a good photo is one that communicates viscerally, emotionally, and intellectually—in that order. My goal as a photographer is create images that do just this. And in so doing, allow each viewer to imagine the story in their own mind. I want my photos to talk to me, tell me why I should I care, to recall memories past, present moments, and future possibilities, to create a dream of what was and what can be. I want them to touch my soul. If they won’t speak to me, they won’t speak to the viewer.

If the image speaks, it is only because I’ve somehow captured the essence of the subject in the image, that I have in some way brought you into my vision, into what I am seeing and feeling, even if you see and feel what I see and feel differently.

When I create an image, I am constantly thinking about the way people will experience the work. There is really no such thing as just printing a photograph.