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Mythogeography Revisioned Part 1| A Review

Mythogeography Revisioned Part 2| A Review

I’ve been a mythographic walker, or architect-walker if you prefer, for many years now. Well, actually I’ve always been one, although it has only been since the late, late, mid-90s that I’ve known how to describe it Up til then I was just simple flâneur on a dérive (experiential walk). It has been an integral part of my work as an urban consultant, as a university professor, a writer, and as a photographer. While I’ve realized for some time now how mythogeography influenced my view of the everyday, I hadn’t really thought about it in terms of my philosophy of photography until just recently. These two works helped crystallize my thinking.



Crumbs of Thoughts

Crumbs is where I think out loud about culture, society, spirituality & life in general.


On Photography

Feel It | Smell It | Hear it | Speak to It

You must not just see a piece of art, you must also feel it, smell it, hear it, taste it, speak to it


Caught My Eye


Without conversation there would be no community.

millinery series

Photo Series


A "millinery" is a shop that sells ladies' hats. This series begins as a "hat shop," but becomes something more in the process.