Fine Art Photography

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There are photos and there is Fine Art Photography.

Simply stated, Fine Art Photography is art created in accordance with the perceptions and emotions of the artist as photographer. Fine art photography stands in contrast to representational photography, which literally re-presents objective reality rather than the subjective vision of the photographer. Although Fine Art Photography may use post-production tools to achieve the vision, it doesn’t use post-production tools merely to enhance an image. With Fine Art Photography, post-production is about ascetics rather than making an image “look pretty.”

With Fine Art Photography, the devil is in the details. Not only is the image subject to the photographer’s creative vision, it is also subject to the presentation. The printing media, finish, size, and hanging, all effect how the finished piece looks. The selection can either amplify, or detract from, how the image presents itself.

Many fine art photographers put their work out there and say, “Here it is, buy what you like.” What they are really saying is that you bear all the risk associated with your purchase. Sure they may replace it if you’re not happy with it, but they do nothing to help ascertain whether or not it fits your artistic bent, your style of living, or its future value both aesthetically and financially. And let’s face it, collecting fine art photography, even one piece, can be daunting and expensive.

Before you purchase one of my fine art photography prints I want you to understand the art of buying and collecting fine art photography.

Before we go any further, I promise that I will work with you to get exactly what is right for you, your artistic flair and lifestyle. For this reason I rarely sell directly to buyers right off the website. I want to be sure that what you are buying is a good fit for you. Maybe the suggested size I list doesn’t work for you. Or you would rather have a metal print or canvas print rather than one on photo paper. If what I have does not work for you, I’d rather you not buy it. Yet, no matter who you buy a fine art photography print from it is important you to you understand the ins and outs of purchasing fine art photography. That is why I have provided a lot of information in the accompanying menu items . Please read them before you spend your money, even with me.

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