What happened to the Radical Left?

Let’s face it. We Liberals are a lazy, complacent, narcissistic bunch. We would rather post angry comments and memes on Facebook and Twitter than actually getting out there and protesting.

What happened to the Radical Left? To Bernie’s angry Millennials? Where’s the damn all protests of the 60s counterculture? Where’s the vocal pop culture rising up in indignation at the direction America is moving? What’s wrong with us Liberals that we can’t mount a strong opposition to the Right?

What’s wrong with us that over the last eight years we have become a lazy bunch. With Obama we had arrived, all was rosy. We deceived ourselves into thinking that the battle had been won. We ignored the murmurings from the bigoted far right. We ignored the take over of Congress by the Right. We complacently assumed that those on the Right were sensible folk. We complacently assumed that Hillary would carry the election. In our complacency, we deceived ourselves.

It is time to revive the passionate counterculture of the 60s. The counterculture of the 60s was born out of an angry rebellion that stood with the oppressed and vulnerable. A rebellion that railed against white, corporate, and political entitlement, Left and Right. A rebellion populated by those who so believed in their cause that they were willing to suffer for it. Even at the risk of being called “un-American.”

Pop Culture was the womb of the counterculture. Artists spoke out through their word, their music, their photography, and their art. The alternative media (and a few in mainstream media) honestly and fearlessly reported the news, analyzed the consequences, and spoke out against injustices boldly without fear. Threats and bullying only intensified their resolve.

What will it take for us Liberals to speak out with action? The full loss of our democratic freedom?

You can be sure if Trump had lost the election, the Radical Right would be mobilized. They wouldn’t content themselves with angry Facebook and Twitter posts. They’d be taking to the streets.

The question is, do we have the passion to be the counterculture?
I hope so. I fear not.

Frank A. Mills
Round Rock, Texas


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