New Day Dawning

A New Day is dawning…


“New Day Dawning”

I am excited about the future of America and of the world.

And it has nothing whatsoever to do with Donald Trump becoming our next president.

There’s a change coming. “The Great Rewrite.” some are calling it. How we invent things, how we make things, how we buy and sell, how we get from place to place, and so much more is being rewritten. A “rewriting” driven by millennials. Never has an age cohort been so large, exceeding in number even the vast number of Baby Boomers. Millennials see things differently. Millennials do things differently. Millennials are more urban. Millennials have more earning potential than any age cohort before them. Millennials care about issues like poverty, gender, peace, health, climate change and to their credit, they are willing to commit time, effort, and money to both lending a helping hand and creating solutions.

Politicians can’t stop the Great Rewrite from happening. If they’re half-way smart they won’t try. Politicians can set the table for greater growth, but they can’t direct it. The Great Rewrite has taken on a life of its own. We will never return to the America we once knew, no matter how much older voters yearn it. Life as it was, is no longer. Ways of doing things are changing exponentially faster than we can experience them. To some this is scary. To others it is exciting. Fortunately there are those who embrace the change and will run with it. Unfortunately, there are those who fear the change and will fight it. Unfortunate, that is, only for them. Without embracing it, they will be left behind, and life will become only more scary for them.

I have a t-shirt that proclaims, “Old Guys Rule.” We only rule when we are willing to step aside and let the Great Rewrite take place by embracing it.

There is corollary to the Great Rewrite: The world today is the world of the intellect. Whether we like it or not, the intellect will win out over the anti-intellect. It is the intellect of the millennials (and to be fair, of many older folk, but mostly millennials) that is driving the Great Rewrite. No matter how much the anti-intellect in fear chips away at it, it is futile. Nothing will stop the Great Rewrite.

And that’s why on the eve of the inauguration I am excited about the future of America. No government, no person can stop The Great Rewrite!

[Inspired by Forbes Magazine’s “30 Under 30” issue (1.24.17)]


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