Deficient Mindset

We attempt to solve issues with a mindset that’s locked into the last half of the 20th century.

I read the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times pretty much on a daily basis, and as I read the news, op-ed pieces, editorials, reports from think tanks, and letters to the editor in both I become more and more convinced that malaise of our times cannot be defined with such terms as “liberal,” “progressive,” or “conservative” ills. The malaise that we face is caused by our attempt to solve economic, political and social issues – across the board – with a deep-seated mindset that’s locked into the last half of the 20th century.

We seek to solve economic ills as if our economy is a manufacturing, traditional big-business oriented economy. We create rules and laws that force outdated regulations on an economy that no longer functions as it did 1990s. We do international politics like we are still in the cold war. We have not moved beyond 60s in dealing with social issues. Ronald Reagan once quipped that the “closest thing we have on earth to eternal life are government regulations.”

Today’s economy, today’s culture, today’s issues are no longer driven in the same way they once were. Today the core mechanism driving the economy and culture is “high-tech,” and high tech’s apps, both of which often defy simple, linear cause and effect relationships.

For all the huffing and puffing that traditional big-business, unions, politicians and religious folk do, it is nothing more than wasted breath. Despite media’s words to the otherwise, these folk are no longer in control. At it’s very heart, today’s world is being driven by the ideas and achievements of Millennials, the youngest of the Baby Boomer generation, and those who refuse to accept the old methodologies.

Today we live in a world in which most us – politicians, economists, big-business and union folk included – feel out of touch with. We feel as if we are being left behind. We fear loss of control. We react accordingly, offering up the only solutions we know, those from the past with no application to the world as it is today. And sometimes, unfortunately, we push back with violence and oppression.

We need to update our thinking, leave behind methodologies that have little or no application to the world as it functions today. We need to discover solutions to issues that make sense in a world that is as it is today, not as it was twenty or more years ago. What we need is a new model for solving today’s issues.

We need to put aside our personal agendas and vested interests in the old methodologies. We need to start honestly exploring the causes and effects of today’s issues. We need to explore how many of our ills came about, and were perpetuated, by our old ways of thinking, of doing business. We need to explore and implement ways of solving today’s issues in a way that makes sense in, and takes advantage of, our high-tech, app, Millennial-driven culture.

Maybe you and I need set aside our preconceived notions, biases, agendas, and fears, and come together to begin an honest quest for solutions that make sense in today’s high-tech, app, Millennial-driven world.


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