Civil Behavior, Protest, So-called Christians

Just because I have been calling for civil behavior does not mean that I will not be protesting racism, bigotry, & misogyny, along with the evils of injustice and lack of mercy—no matter from what quarter they originate. I will protest, however, civilly and with humility, with justice and mercy, and with the skills with which I have been endowed. I will strive to listen to what is being said so that I can oppose with intelligent responses, not with innuendos, falsehoods parading as “truth,” or the flailing of fists.

I can do no less as one who professes to follow God.

Yet there are those who profess to follow God…. The Prophet Micah confronts the holier than thou attitude of the Jews of his day who are complaining that life is working against them, even though they claim to follow “God’s law,” with a question: “What does the Lord require?” Micah asks. God’s answer, according to Micah is, “(God) has showed you what is good. What does the Lord require of you? To live justly, to love mercy, to walk humbly before God” (6:6-8).

In the verses that follow (read them) Micah tells them exactly why G-d is not blessing. It is their fault, not the fault of others! There are far too many of those who loudly and proudly claim to be God’s people who will much to answer for. To quote another prophet, “Woe to you!”

If you as a follower of God believe that the nation is not acting very Godly, perhaps you only have yourself to blame. After all, with so many so-called Christians living as racists, bigots, misogynists — showing intolerance to those who are different, belittling those who think or believe differently, setting one moral issue as important enough to excuse other immoral behaviors … well, what else would you expect when the “Christian example” is everything but.

Frank A. Mills
Round Rock, Texas


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