Christianity as a Way of Life

I don’t think of Christianity as a faith. To me, it is more a way of life, a communal orientation in a chaotic world. A way of life that calls me to say, that this world is my world too, and there are things in it that need to change. A way of life that calls me to be a partner in the work of Creation, a partnership that involves both a moral grounding and an active involvement— A morality that is based on living justly, showing mercy and walking humbly before God. An involvement that is based on seeing the Face of God in all individuals and the Glory of God in all Creation.

To me Christianity isn’t about “salvation” and going to heaven to escape a sinful world, but about living sacramentally here in the Present Now as God’s ambassadors, seeking in the process (theosis) to become Christ-like in the daily. True theosis demands that God-thinking formulates my every interaction with the world, an interaction that blesses all of Creation and fights against the rape of Creation.

Everything I post in “Crumbs” flows from orientation— the way I wish (but not always succeeding) to live life.