Guest Post: “Alt Jesus” – Harmon Locke

“Alt Jesus”
by Harmon Locke

No more money, no more friends,
came up too quick, got the bends.

Empty house, and windows smashed,
Please tell me that I am, no trash.

Jesus is watching and Santa Claus,
And India is full of holy cows.

Nature wants you back again,
We are all from this earth within.

Let the veil of silence be lifted,
sometimes peace is not pacifistic.

Dorothy never left Kansas,
All are naked when undressed.

The world is all about money,
Jesus’ face is always sunny.

Back in the days of hospitality,
a stranger could expect cordiality.

Come right in, every waking hour,
and even in the night, not sour.

Even the law welcomed the stranger,
But God was born in a Manger.

Nobody really wants to leave home,
a stranger is a friend, not known.

Take me in and give me a bite,
I am a man out of sight.

The end of all my tests,
was the day I found rest.

That constant craving,
got filled in love’s saving.

All the prisoners have left the system,
too many jobs, to list them.

No more cash on board,
all my ethics got floored.

No more churches rules,
no more dunce’s fools.

One last look before we jump,
goosebumps upon goosebumps.

Hold my hand and learn to fly,
you’ll never know, unless you try.

Harmon hails from Park Hills, Kentucky and currently lives in Löllbach, Germany.
He can be contacted via Facebook
Note: The photographer of the image that came with the piece is not known. If this is your photo, or you know the photographer, please contact me. Thank you.


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