Unraveling the Mystery


“Dreaming” (Enlarge)

For me, photography is about unraveling the mystery, the story that is inherent in each scene. As such it is a tool of reflection and social transformation. In a sense, a photograph is a tool that connects us to our roots. For both the photographer and the viewer a photograph that draws us in fosters a sense of self-discovery that infuses us with the spirit of place, and in some mystical way, shapes our self-awareness to the world around us, and hopefully, creates a desire within us to become part of that world.

There are two types of photographers: those who strive for technical perfection, who seek only the award-winning shot, and those who seek to unravel the mystery – the layers of stories – within a single photo.

Each subject – people, buildings, environment – has an uniquely personal story to tell. It needs to be coaxed and caressed into reveling its deepest intimate, closely held secrets. There must be a passionate relationship between the subject and the photographer, like two lovers. As the lover must ask, so must the photographer, “Am I worthy to be entrusted with this intimacy? Or am I allowing my own personal agendas, my own desires, to get in the way of the relationship?”

Each time I put the camera to my eye, I ask myself, “Which photographer am I going to be?”

My goal as a photographer
How I became a photographer


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