Capturing Soul

As much as I like color photographs, especially those where the color pops out, I find that they often fail to convey a sense of “soul” & or as with my Vanishing America and Texas series, a sense of stories embedded in the subject matter. Over the past few months I’ve been experimenting with gray scale and sepia to try to capture this sense. Sometimes this catches that sense, other times it fails. Not being able to consistently arrive at the feel I want has driven me to experiment further. With most of the photos I have posted this week I have experimented by tweaking the RAW file, particularly with exposure, contrast, and color, then rendering the resultant photo in monochrome. The monochrome photo is then enhanced with color filters and then finally an appropriate sepia filter. To my eyes it seems to work. What do you think, do the photos convey a sense of capturing soul?

Shady Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church from the Shady Grove Series

General Store from the Lake Victor Series


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