I am a curious fellow

I am a curious fellow…

I have three Curious Georges sitting on my bookshelf (although not the guy in the photo). My favorite question is,”Why?” Yes, I am a curious fellow … and some undoubtedly will find that curious.

Curiosity is my guide. Everywhere I point my camera: at a building, at people— at whatever, I think: “There’s a story here,” and wonder what it is. Many a photograph I’ve taken has set me on a quest to discover. Sometimes the story can be discovered, other times not. Either way, it’s okay, my curiosity is no less abated for I still wonder what I missed both in the story and the scene.

Photography done right does that, it tells a story in the photograph itself. Good photos hint at past events and suggest future potential. Photography, while feeding my curiosity only makes me more curious … curious enough to often take several photographs of a single subject, thinking perhaps I will discover something in one that I missed in another.

Curiosity has made me into a vagabond (hence, the subtitle: “Vagabond Photography”). I need to wander camera in hand. I need to visit, in an aimless sort of way, new places. I need to poke my head into obscure corners, dark alleys, and abandoned buildings. I have too, it’s built into my DNA.

This blog: “Coup d’Oeil” (caught-my-eye)— So much catches my eye. The upside of my curiosity is that I have some wonderful adventures, meet fantastic people with stories to share, and get to take lots of photos. The downside is that I have lots of photos … even after I delete the duplicates and those that didn’t turn out.

Over the years I’ve attempted to use this website as a venue to showcase some of my work; albeit, in a halfhearted fashion. Recently I was asked to sell a print of a photo found on the website. I agreed, but then discovered that I couldn’t find the original RAW file. Thankfully, finally I did. What I learned from the experience is that my photo file system is non-existent and that it was past time to get crackin’ on one. Thinking about how to organize my originals, plus any original manipulations, got me thinking about how I had organized the website … unfortunately, not so well. To sum it all up: A new website with a coordinated filing system (cloud and hard storage) for the originals. The website framework is essentially completed – you’re looking at it – although there are still several photos to be uploaded. The “filing system” is underway.

Round Rock, TX
July 5, 2012

PS. Undoubtedly there are glitches; broken links and the like. Please, if you discover one let me know.


Telling stories through photography & writing.

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