Why I am a Christian Universalist

God is Love
"God is Love"
Credit: Frank A. Mills, Modified AI Image

In some Christian Universalist circles, what I am about to state would be heresy:

I am a Universalist Christian not because it speaks of my ultimate acceptance by God, but because I find it to be a radical counterculture that has the potential of turning contemporary culture on its head (and that includes Western Christianity).

For me "salvation" is not about the afterlife, it is about SAVING our cosmos from our present-day destructive culture. For me, Christian Universalism is about a changed way of living in the present, not about living in the afterlife. It is about making the Mystery called "God," real through our healing actions of living justly and delivering mercy with humility. It is about being the PURE LOVE that is God.

Frank A. Mills
Sheffield Lake, OH
March 28, 2024