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"Caught My Eye"

sweet muscat wine
"Sweet Muscat Wine"
[In "Found Objects"]
I have a problem: Far too much catches my eye, demanding a photo. It is hard to pass an old vehicle, a dusting building, an unique individual, or a scenic vista without wanting to take a photo or two ... or three.

In "Caught My Eye" I have loosely organized those images in galleries. Some of the groupings are more concise than others, but every image included has caught my eye in one way or another. The images on this page include links to those galleries. Sometimes that which catches my eye has a story to tell, when that happens, sooner or later the story shows up in my Coup d' Oiel blog. Click on the image links within each gallery to see the story.

"Coup d' Oiel," translates as "Caught My Eye."
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