Brushy Photography Exhibit

May 18 – June 10 | 10 Chisholm Trail (Papi’s Pies), Round Rock

Old Town Round Rock

“Brushy” speaks of roots. Of where we came from and where we are going. It is good to have roots, to know who our people were, and how they lived. It gives us structure, makes us feel as part of a pattern, of a world larger than the immediate. Photography done right, can help us put our feet down in a place, both literally and figuratively.
Photos remind us that decisions made in the past still influence the present. Photos are images of the present with hints of the past. They are more than captured moments of time, they are an interruption of time. In an image time stands still.
In is in the interruption where we find those hints of who we were, where we came from, and suggestions for where we might be headed. It is in the interruption that we find an embedded story of the past and the present, stories of dreams and disappointments. The past can only be speculated upon, and the future only imagined. This is the gift, given to us, by a photo.

Exhibit Images




Image | Finish | Price


St. Charles Hotel, Round Rock
St. Charles Hotel | Brushy Creek (Round Rock), Texas

20×16 | Canvas | $100


Georgetown Tap
Georgetown Tap (Georgetown Railroad through Old Town (looking west)

12×12 | Metal | $75


Red Pump
“Red Pump”

11×14 | Canvas | $75


Chisholm Trail Low Water Crossing

14×11 | Canvas | $75


Old mill site, later a city park | Many of Old Town’s Baptisms took place here between the mid 1800s and the mid 1900s.

14×11 | Canvas | $75


Sansom House
Sansom House | Built pre-1890

12×14 | Canvas | $80


Harris-Ross House
Harris/Ross House | ca. 1849, later additions

14×11 | Torchon watercolor paper, blue frame |$80


old stagecoach inn
The John Harris Stagecoach Inn | Brushy Creek (Round Rock), Texas

14×11 | Torchon watercolor paper mounted on black canvas | $80


Barker-Porter Holuse
E.B. Barker-Porter House | Built: Sometime by 1873 | Vernacular center-passage house

14×11 | Torchon watercolor paper mounted on black canvas | $80


the round rock of Round Rock
The round rock that gave Round Rock its name.

14×11 | Torchon watercolor, narrow silver frame |


Barker House, front door
Front Door | Barker-Porter House

11×14 | Canvas | $75


Red Barn

11×17| Matte Photopaper on Gator Board | $55

Caring for Fine Art Photography
Images available, but not in show