A Liberal
Christian Universalist

And As Such, A Mission

March 3, 2024

Transom window, First Universalist Church, North Olmsted, Ohio

Periodically, I take inventory of where I am at theologically. It has been a long and exciting pilgrimage since those days of being an Evangelical Christian, although I must admit that even then there was a lot questioning. And to be honest, there were some benefits, not necessarily spiritual ones, to being "Evangelical."

But that's then. This is now:

These many years later, I identify as a liberal Christian Universalist who embraces Celtic Christianity and Christian Universalism as a model of how I ought to live as a follower of the Jesus Way.

I am liberal in that I loosely hold my theological thinking, recognizing that it is all speculative. I am liberal in that I hold no creedal or doctrinal tests that one must subscribe to before I welcome them to the Table.

I am a Universalists is that I believe in the final harmony of all souls with God.

I am Christian in that my mission is to create a loving community rooted in the spirit of Jesus Christ. I am a Christian in that I see the Beatitudes as a rule of living. It is a rule that echoes the Hebrew Prophets, "Live justly, show mercy, and walk humbly before God and creation (Micah 6:8)." I am Christian in that I believe the entirety of the universe is holy, that is sacramentally demonstrates the Pure Love (Grace) of God.

I embrace Celtic Christianity as a faith stream in that it reminds me that the divine is a mystery to be explored, that life is to be enjoyed, and that love is both a responsibility and a gift to be shared.

I embrace Christian Universalism as a faith stream in that it reminds me that the quest for truth is a sacrament and that service is prayer. It reminds me that God calls upon us to dwell together in peace, to seek knowledge in freedom, and to serve humanity in fellowship.

In other words:
1. To see the Face of God in all.
2. To build a larger Table

Combining it all, I am reminded that my end is to grow with the Divine and to covenant with God that all souls may grow into the Pure Love of God.

© Frank A. Mills
Sheffield Lake, OH March 3, 2024