WORDS + IMAGES is my creation, and I am quite proud of how it has turned out. an ever-changing website. New words, new images are constantly being added, and some might even be removed.

Not only are words and images being added, deleted, and rearranged, the style of web pages frequently changes to suit the material. (I must admit, I am having fun with this apect of the site.)

WORDS + IMAGES is a fluid, evolving website. New content is added frequently. Old content is often removed only to reappear later in a different context. Because WORDS + IMAGES is ever-evolving you might want to subscribe to the newsletter.
Important Note: Although there are a variety of page styles, each style is formatted to be viewed on a PC, pad, mobile, or tablet. However, may I suggest that images are always best viewed with a PC.

WORDS + IMAGES Navigation

Navigation is easy! The button make it so.

At the top of every page (with the exception of the home page) are buttons to get you to the basic sections. If you ever get lost, these buttons take you home. Throughout the pages themselves are buttons to move you about, as well as between pages. And you can always use your browser's to move back and forth.

"Home," "Words," Images" & "Real?" pages contain links both the latest posts as well as to the various categories. Clicking on the category page will bring you to an interactive list of posts in that category.

Have fun and enjoy!


It is only fair that I mention the templates, software, etc. that have inspired the building of my website. A big thank you to their developers! I encourage you to check them out, perhaps use them in your own way. Do remember, that while most are free, open-source and/or with Creative Commons License, some are not and do require a specific license.

As I have freely, and sometime significantly, redesigned the templates any coding errors are of my own making. If you spot a problem, or find a broken link, please let me know.
Thank you.

  • Home & Info Pages: HTML5 UP, Creator: "AJ"
  • Contact Page: "Plain Text" (a WordPress Theme)
  • (Some) Image Galleries: "Pixca" by Design Stub
  • Single Images (With background colors) "Pika," Creator: Rishi Mohan
  • Millinery: Photography Website Concept by