Discoveries Along the Road

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When I was a kid my parents frequently took road trips. In those days, with the exception of the occasional Turnpike or highway around a city, most trips took place on two-lane roads that wandered through the countryside and every little burg on the way. Today, we dash about on super highways missing so much. I miss those road trips of my youth. They are, I am sure, why when I take a trip I get off the super highway and follow along the old varicose ribbons every chance I can. I am fascinated by these old roads. As a kid we often traveled along the Lincoln Highway (U.S.30), the Post Road (U.S.1), and the National Highway (U.S.40). Later during my college days it was Route 66 and the Pacific Coast Highway (Ca.1,) or Route 127 that meandered about Boston’s North Shore, along the coast on its way to Cape Ann. I wish I had the foresight to take photos to document the odd and common anomalies of these roads. For more, please check out the “Found Along the Varicose Ribbon” tab.