In case you have been wondering...
This is me...
A long time ago.

plotting my escape from a playpen

That's me with the curly hair plotting my escape...

this is the better way to push a lawn mower

or arguing with my cousin about a better way to push a lawnmower.

These are the two images that my siblings say best describe me: escaping and being obstinate. (I'd say of the last, "looking for a better way to do it.")

On the other hand, if I were describe me, I would say that I am a gray sort of guy, gray hair and all of that. It is not that my life is gray. No! It is vibrant and full of color. When I say I am a gray sort of guy it means that I am driven to explore those gray zones, that gray in-between that exists where the lines meet. This is where I want to live. I don’t particularly like black or white thinking. I rail against that sort of thinking. Unlike many in our world, I do not cherish absolutes. For me, truth is not found in the absolutes, but in the gray.

My goal is to transfer that into my words and images. Not that they're gray in color, they're full of color, even the graytone images.

I am slso a wanderer, and explorer of things unobserved, the Mysteries of Life. Again, those in-between the line thing that often go unobserved. This too influences my work. Being curious I explore, write, and create images about all sorts of things: God, culture, history, politics, the environment, life in general. What it really boils down to though, is exploration of what it means to be a human being in the universe and ultimately, what it means to be human, and all that that implies. And speaking of my work, it can be humorous, and even nonsensical, sometimes irreverent, and at other times provocative. Sometimes it's all of that—both my words and images.

However you may perceive my work, I do hope that you will find it enjoyable and stimulating.

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P.S. Here's the little beach cottage where all the crafting takes final shape.

hug cottage

hug cottage

Sheffield Lake, Ohio
January, 30, 2022

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