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plotting my escape

Plotting My Escape

Yes that's me (with the curly hair). A story has to start somewhere, and that photo is almost at the beginning of my story. And that's what this website is-- a story. Not so much a story about me, although my story will surely be woven in. It is really more a story about us. A story that seeks to take us home to a simpler time, when we were not so fragmented. Well, not so much take us back, as to bring that time forward into the present. The story's thread will weave, and perhaps even web. It will take us down rabbit holes to who knows where. The thread will wander through our mind and memories. It will stir our imagination, tickle our gut, play havoc with our heart, and maybe -- hopefully -- even prick our conscience. Wherever the thread leads its rooted in the essence of life, our life.

For those inquiring minds, the back story [Hey this site is about stories (and other word thingies) after all]: That's my younger cousin and Pop (my father's father) in his and my Nana's back yard. As my cousin was younger by a few months, he was content to hang out in the crib. Not me! I'm plotting my escape. Now's the time to do it. Pop's engrossed in that paper. And that by the way is part of my story too— escaping

A word about this website: I wanted to start with a fresh new website and not just merely a rehash of the old, although some of the old may be revisited and redone in a new way. To move around the website use the menu at the upper right-hand corner. Although I like to tell photo stories with my images, sometimes I just take photos. If you like to see those, just click here: Frank A. Mills Photography. If you would like to visit my older writing just click: Down the Rabbit Hole.

Note: The photography may be a bit slow to open. I traded speed for quality of resolution.

For a number of reasons, cell phones are not the best way to view photos, or to read longer posts. Although this website is formatted for mobile phones and tablets I encourage you to view on desktop monitor. I promise you have a better experience

As I find it hard to be content with the status quo, the format of this website will evolve. Some new concepts will be experimented with in the "Interactive" section, while others may just show up here and there. Some of the evolution will be highlighted on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. I hope you will follow me on social media, and check out this site frequently.

I do like to hear your thoughts, your memories, your stories. They are part of our collective story. It is when they are shared our conversation begins and we become community. For me personally, I find it much easier and far more personal to converse with you via email, rather than on a website comment page. Please do send me a email with those thoughts, memories, and stories.