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S.P Wood-Sheaved Boxcar
'Storytelling Here'

Welcome to my website portal! It is here that I share links to my creative work—Writing & Photography & Art.

The writing ranges from speculative theology to thoughts on urbanity to stories to a simple blog about our experiences in our little Lake Erie beach cottage. The photography is wide-ranging, and much of it is in the style of 'water color photography." My photo albums are undergoing a change, and it may seem like you are jumping to and fro as you view. In time, all the changes will be made and the moving between albums much more seamless.

Please check out the sections (links below) and please share your thoughts and comments (each section has at least one way to comment). And please check out the "about" link in the menu.

Thank you sincerely for reading and viewing, and taking time to comment!

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